You Can Heal From Sexual Betrayal!

Let's take this journey together.

We want to take you from the rock bottom of betrayal to healing and renewed joy.

Are you ready to... 

  • Establish a sense of safety and stability, even when it feels like the ground is shaking beneath your feet?

  • Discern the truth from the lies in your relationship?

  • Reclaim your God given value and worth, even if you've struggled with feeling intense shame as a result of your betrayal?

  • Become stronger than ever before, even if you feel like you're broken into a million pieces?

You feel confused and heartbroken.

You need SUPPORT and CLARITY to know what to do next and how to heal. 

You Don't Have to 

Walk This Road Alone!

It is TERRIFYING to discover sexual secrets in your marriage.   It's hard to know who to trust. This is me in 2005 with my infant son, shortly after a devastating discovery of sexual betrayal in my marriage. Don't let my smiling face deceive you. I was TRAUMATIZED and so confused. I had no idea what to do next.  I felt crazy and so alone.  

If this sounds familiar let me tell you....YOU ARE NOT CRAZY. YOU ARE TRAUMATIZED. 

In order to heal from the trauma of  sexual betrayal you need the guidance of others who have successfully navigated this treacherous path before you.

Throughout the past 10 years I've worked with hundreds of women one on one and in groups, helping them recover from the devastating impact of sexual betrayal.

If you want to feel safe again, to know your next steps to rebuild your life and to heal your heart, Women in the Battle can give you the clarity, connection, and tools you need to recover from sexual betrayal. 

We serve women who want to rebuild their lives after their relationship ends due to sexual betrayal, women who don't know what they want for their marriage after betrayal AND women who want to rebuild their marriage. 

We love Jesus and the core of our work flows from His heart to bind up the brokenhearted, set captives free, restore joy, and rebuild the ruins (Isaiah 61).  This is a no judgement zone and the safest place to land after the rawness of betrayal.



Hello! My name is Kristin Cary.

I knew God was calling me into ministry right out of college and served in full time campus ministry with my husband.  My first sexual betrayal discovery was in 2002.

I know the pain and isolation of seeking help from people who didn't know how to help me.  I grew more and more hopeless with each discovery of my husband's sexual acting out until our marriage ended in 2006.  

I was a single mom for over 5 years. I met a Christian therapist who understood how to address my betrayal trauma in a way that was congruent with my faith and joined her group of other betrayed women. There was powerful healing for my heart in this community of women who knew my pain first hand. Over time, I grew in joy and resilience. My life actually got BETTER than it ever was before the betrayal. 

In 2010 I married Michael. It was one of the best decisions of my life.  We started our ministry, Living Truth in 2013. God has transformed my greatest heartbreak into my life's mission and I'd be honored to walk alongside you on your journey to healing and hope!

If you are married, your husband can also join Men in the Battle ®. Men in the Battle is led  by my husband Michael & guides men with unwanted sexual behavior toward freedom and transformation. 

Click below to sign up for Men in the Battle®. 

The Women in the Battle® Membership Includes 

  • Exclusive access to our custom Healing Path. Short videos & worksheets provide a roadmap to help you make progress on your journey toward healing from betrayal.

  • Connection with other women just like you through our private social network.

  • A weekly 90 minute small group led by certified peer facilitators. Our small groups are the "secret sauce" that make Women in the Battle® so powerfully healing. Options are listed below. You choose one small group time after registering and build an incredible bond with the women in your group. 

  • Answers to your questions through live Q&A with my husband Michael, me, and other experts.

6 of our first level small groups are FULL. We have ONE left that begins Thursday September 1st and meets at 9am EST weekly for 90 minutes.


We will only remain open to new members for a limited time.

Our next full length Healing Path and small groups won't begin until late February 2023. Don't wait to get the support, guidance, and clarity you need!

“I cannot say enough about how Women in the Battle has saved my sanity and possibly my marriage. When I arrived I was full of shame and felt like no one would ever understand how destroyed my world was by my betrayal. I was not really functioning and did not know how to get help.  My facilitators let each of us be heard, allowing us to just sit in each other’s pain without leaping in to fix anything (occasionally allowing us to go way off track and laugh in the midst of the worst pain any of us have faced.) I was able to find myself again and get the ground to stop shifting long enough to learn what was happening to my husband and to my marriage. My instinct was to run or to hide.  I do not know what the future holds, but I now know that I will be ok when I take care of myself and do the work I need to do.”   -Kristin R. 

“Women in the Battle  is THE thing that changed me from being a victim of trauma to healing and growth because of my trauma. 

It is the best thing I've ever done for myself.”     - Tammy 

"WIB was the first place I found that directed me to tools that could truly speak to the level of disfunction I was living in. "  


"I have grown more in this season than I ever believed possible. I never thought in my early 50’s I’d still be learning about myself and growing so much. I feel supported by safe women that I could call upon day or night. I have confidence and I am enough. I support women by facilitating groups and coaching them through their life difficulties. I know who I am and if things were to change and my marriage didn’t end up working, I know I would be okay."  - Brenda, WIB small group facilitator & Certified Life Coach

"I had horrible spiritual trauma and betrayal. Kristin understood this and helped me to swear, express anger, be congruent with the truth of myself and what was happening in my life.  She never pushed some kind of false or hasty forgiveness - always expressed that God loved me and was fine with my reality and my honesty. She never tried to "get me" to change my thoughts or feelings. Kristin has come so far in her own recovery, she's comfortable with a mess and doesn't try to convince me that I'm ok or things are ok when they are not.  She's a very safe person."  Corri WIB small group facilitator 

"When I came to Women in the Battle, I was very confused, isolated, tired and frustrated. I was overwhelmed trying to find help in marriage counseling, Bible studies, etc. I didn't need one more thing to take care of in the midst of medical struggles, parenting, and just doing life. 

Women in the Battle brought clarity for me to know that recovery was not happening in my marriage.
Ultimately, my husband decided to leave and walk toward the darkness. That was really scary. I felt powerless in a lot of arenas. But being connected at Women in the Battle, I was able to  start to gain confidence in knowing what I could control.  I even had joy!"


A Women in the Battle membership is only $112/month 

(less than the cost of many one-time therapy sessions)

Spaces are limited. 

Payments made are non refundable, but you can 

cancel your membership anytime with no further obligation. 

Scholarships are available for women in a financial crisis. 

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